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Chuck Warner

Scratchboard Artist

Me Dec 2017.jpg

I started my art career in 2008 when I reached the age of 70, sold my business and retired.  I took several art classes, in acrylics, oils and watercolors over the first couple years, settling on watercolors.  I continued painting in watercolors until the winter of 2014. 


While on a 50th wedding anniversary trip to the UK I had arranged lunch or dinner with 5 different artists in England.  One of them happened to ask of I could bring a few 8x10 scratchboards to England since they were not scheduled to be imported to there for another 6 months.  I agreed and when we met the lady, I handed the 4 boards, I was able to purchase in Tempe, AZ, to her and said, "What is scratchboard art?".  We went to her cottage and she introduced me to scratchboard art and I was hooked...And that's how I became a scratchboard artist..  With scratchboard art my brush is a #11 Xacto knife.   I love it because of the detail work and the fact that it's not a messy medium...


Now in 2019 at the age of almost 81, I am having so much fun...  Take a look at my work and if you would like to learn about scratchboard art, I give classes Nov through April in the Yuma/Wellton area and in the summer month in Forest Lakes/Heber-Overgaard/Pinetop, AZ areas..  

Feel free to contact me at my email 

Jennys Leopard
The King
Christmas Cardinal
Top Cock
The Lookout
American Kestrels
Libby the Kitty
Carmel Stickles
A Mother's Love
Bunny in a Spring Garden
Bear Cub Exploring
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